ice cream maker review

VonShef Ice Cream Maker Review

Our New Ice Cream Maker

We recently purchased a VonShef ice cream maker model #13/049. I have wanted an ice cream maker for quite a while and had been doing research on them.

I was given an Amazon gift card in the amount of $25.00 for some project I had completed at my job so I was trying to stay within that low price range. I know you get what you pay for and was worried about the quality of buying an ice cream maker for less than $50 but I have been extremely happy with this little machine!

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It is a cinch to put together, take apart and clean with only 4 parts to deal with! This little machine is also just that… little. I was reluctant to purchase any of the bigger machines because I don’t have room for another big appliance. I do keep the machine out on my counter now and it takes up less space than a blender.

It comes with an easy to understand owners manual that gives great hints and some very good basic recipes to get you started. You can make ice cream with any type of milk or cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet.

Here are some pictures of a mixed berry coconut milk ice cream I made that was divine.

We use our machine at least 2 times a week now and I am pretty sure that the newness won’t wear off soon!


  • Removable double isolation bowl
  • 1.25 Quart capacity
  • Extra Large Ingredient Funnel
  • Detachable accessories for easy cleaning
  • Anti skid rubber on bottom of the unit
  • Motor with left and right motion
  • Reversible thermostat built in the unit


  • Small
  • Not great for parties

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Warning: One thing that I overlooked was the warning about not using a metal utensil to get the ice cream out. You will scrape it up if you use a metal spoon or scoop!


I love controlling what I put in my body. The ability to make treats that are healthy and gourmet sold me on this little VonShef ice cream maker!  If you are looking for a good quality inexpensive ice cream maker that is small this one is great!

Great Value at a Great Price!