Red Wine Health Benefits

Red Wine For Your Health

We like wine. Our favorite is dry red wine and there are so many to choose from and there are many red wine health benefits. Lately we have been enjoying the Shiraz (rhymes with pizazz) which is made from the same grape variety as Syrah. (Syrah is the European version) The Shiraz that we are enjoying has some black currant and spicy flavors.

We like Merlot (despite the movie Sideways) for its mellow taste and less tannic qualities. Cabernet Sauvignon is a nice big red with lots of tannins. Malbec is a wine we were introduce to a few years back and have grown to adore for its fruity almost jam like quality and its spicy flavors. Pinot Noir is an occasional purchase for us because it is a little softer and fruitier that some bigger wines. Zinfandel is nice and zesty.

We also drink wine for the health benefits as well as the flavors.

Red Wine Health Benefits

Most of you know that red wine has some health benefits from the antioxidants. I just found a great article about some of the other benefits of red wine that have been documented in studies. The article is written by Mike Geary who is an author and certified nutrition specialist.

The study that is cited shows that when you drink a couple of glasses of red wine each day (not a bottle!) the good bacteria in your gut increases and the bad bacteria decreases. The study also reveals how drinking red wine can lower blood pressure and decrease overall inflammation in your body.

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Red wine is of course only one of many parts of a healthy diet and too much of a good thing is usually a bad thing. One or two glasses 4 or 5 times a week is plenty. We mostly have a glass of red wine in the evening either with or after a meal.

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