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Some Vaccines Are Contaminated

Professor Garth Nicolson discusses recent studies that show some forms of contamination in vaccines scheduled for children. He also discusses Gulf War Syndrome and how that could be tied to contamination of vaccines in the military.

iHealthTube.comAre Some Vaccines Contaminated?


We know that many of the commercial vaccines are contaminated as opposed to molecular vaccine development, which does not involve the contamination or the potential for contamination. People have tested them and found things like mycoplasma, for example, in commercial vaccines. Unfortunately, the testing, the examination of various lots of vaccines is not careful enough to get the identify all of the vaccine lots that might be problematic. Therefore, we have some of these that slip through and cause a problem. For example, one study showed that six percent of commercial vaccines in the group that they studied were contaminated with mycoplasma. This is a very dangerous situation.

The problem with people given too many vaccines at once is that that’s very immunosuppressing. For example, after the first Gulf War, personnel that were deployed to Kuwait Theater of Operations were given sometimes as many as 20 or 30 vaccines all in a three day period. That’s extremely immunosuppressing, and if any of those vaccines are contaminated, and we think that some probably were, then they could come down with a disease. Over half of the Gulf War illness cases, after the first Gulf War, we think were caused by contamination with mycoplasma. But this can occur in normal vaccines that are given, for example, to children.

If children are given a lot of vaccines at once, it’s very immunosuppressive. So if there’s any possible contamination, then there’s a possibility that they could come down with a disease from that vaccination schedule. So I’m all for favoring stretching these things out and not giving so many vaccines all at once. But that’s not the trend. The trend is to truncate vaccination schedules and give more and more vaccines at once, and I think that’s absolutely the worst thing that we could do to children.