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Raw Foods Diet – Your Personal Raw Law

Eating a raw foods diet means consuming plant based foods uncooked.

Eating a raw foods diet that include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and greens insures that the all the enzymes are intact. Heating these plant based foods above 118 degrees Fahrenheit or 48 degrees Celsius destroys all the enzymes, 50% proteins and some vitamins and minerals.

Choosing the raw law is something very personal. It is a personal law you gently impose on your own self, no one else.

raw foods diet

We have an abundance of information out there now that can help to govern your raw law. I recently had the privilege to go to a lecture by Dr David Jubb in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was in January and we were in the middle of a cold snap. Eating raw when it’s cold and finding fresh fruits and vegetables that cut into your budget deeply for me had been a huge struggle. I took away with me so much inspiration from that lecture.

Check out your community for these types of events. Fortunately we have the internet to mine for wonderful people that have gone ahead of us and put the information out there. Dr. David Jubb, Dr Robert Cassar, and Russell James the Raw Chef are all part of my governing body I elect now.

Check out your local library too! Old fashion books like The Green Smoothie Bible by Kristine Miles is a wonderful resource with yummy recipes galore.

One of the biggest things I took away from the lecture was easy and gentle. This raw law doesn’t have to be iron clad with a throw away key rule.  Although eating a traditional western diet can be a death sentence for sure! So gently and easily I am moving towards more raw foods and the benefits are out weighing the consequences my traditional eating law by far. Some of the benefits and value this law can bring you are:

  • Weight loss
  • Staying at a healthy weight
  • Clear healthy skin
  • Depression free
  • Control diabetes & prevent it
  • Mental clarity & focus
  • Endless energy
  • You can eat as much as you want!
  • Regularity
  • Connection with the earth
  • Less for the landfill, cuts way back on packaging

A raw foods diet has been an eye opener on my moods, energy and overall well being. I have just begun writing my raw law, getting the lingo down. I agree its a great endeavor to achieve 100% raw foods diet, I am probably at 80% now.

Read this post to see how to get started with a raw foods diet.

Thanks for reading and I would love to read your comments.