How To Quit Sugar For Life

Sugar is the modern drug of our generation!

teamupIt has a bad influence on almost every organ in your body: the liver, gut, pancreas, brain and worst of all – the heart.

Starting from your health, mood and weight loss efforts, sugar is one of our all-time worst enemies. And the sad truth is that most of the people don’t realize the importance of getting this white poison out of their diet.

So because of that, I’m going to give you a full guide on why sugar is bad for you and how to give up on it once and for all. I’ll guide you through every single detail and show you step-by-step how I did it!

And believe me – It was a lifesaving experience!

First of all, let’s get started with what happens when this half glucose and half fructose carbohydrate enters our body:

  • messes up the hormone called leptin, so our body has a hard time recognizing when it’s truly full
  • gets your brain addicted to sugar, by constantly raising the dopamine levels in your body (it has been proven to be as addictive as cocaine and heroin)
  • causes problems with your pancreas – the more sugar you have, the harder your pancreas has to work
  • leads to diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease
  • causes obesity – 1 out of 3 people in America is obese

But why did sugar suddenly became so bad for us, when people have been consuming it since forever?

And the truth is this simple:

Nowadays, sugar is added in almost every product on the market!

The sad statistic is that 80% of all the food items in America contain added sugar.

Food manufacturers add it to products you can never think of, because it makes every food taste better – and tasty food sells.

Because of the toxic reaction it causes in our body, they use many different names in order to hide it, so it gets trickier to avoid it.

So yes, sugar is one sweet killer, and by getting rid of it you’ll get many of the following benefits:

  • Lose weight
  • Get fit
  • Improve your sleep
  • Wake up with more energy
  • Build a better immune system
  • Stop craving bad foods
  • Feel energized instead of tired
  • Get smoother and healthier skin


How To Quit The Sugar Addiction

I live a life without sugar for almost a year now and I’ve never felt so good in my life! I went from being a real sugar junkie, to quitting sugar in just 2 weeks. And I managed to do that with “The Team-Up Technique”.

The Team-Up Technique: (My Personal Sugar Quitting Formula)

I came up with “The Team-Up Technique” when I first decided to give up sugar for life. I was looking for “sugar quitting” programs but I couldn’t find one that was free or that worked for me, at the time.

After few months of struggling with my sugar addiction, I came up with an idea – to make my own sugar quitting technique. After learning everything about my enemy, I started getting ideas on how to make it easier. Since I’ve studied psychology, I came up with a great method – support and teaming up!

So I finally started with my sugar quitting journey together with my boyfriend and surprisingly for both of us – IT WORKED!

We managed to quit sugar in just 2 weeks!

Despite our bad sugar cravings and horrible soda addiction, we managed to keep it up and lower our sugar intake from 130 grams to 5. Today we live happy and healthy lives without ANY sugar.

Since then, “The Team-Up Technique” has helped many people with their struggle of sugar cravings, and my main mission is to help as many people as I can to a better life!

Getting this white toxin out of my diet was the best thing that happened to me.

Yes, it takes patience and a lot of giving up to change yourself, but once you set your mind that you can do it, you’re halfway there. Just believe in yourself, because your body can do almost anything – it’s the mind that needs an extra push 🙂

Monica May owns and writes about health and fitness.