the yoga trapeze

Inversion Yoga Therapy

What is Inversion Yoga Therapy

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to take some aerial yoga classes and one of my best friends actually hung a couple silks in their studio. I also was employed as the medical liaison for a company called Relax The Back. My background and experience with inversion therapies has shown me the benefits the human body gets from inversion. In this day and age where most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle compared to our ancestors is it no wonder our backs are paying the price.

What I learned about inversion for your back is that it gets your back moving again. Our spines are suppose to be supple and moveable. Our discs are suppose to cushion and be flexible. What inversion does is takes your spine and separates its parts and gives them space so your discs can rehydrate, reshape and get nutrients back into the discs. Just like exercise it’s not a one time fix, although you will feel pressure relief instantly when you do inversions. This helps create a healthier back.

Inversions are not for everybody, but don’t rule it out even if you don’t have the the perfect yoga body yet. I am in my early 50s and not an extreme athlete or even a graceful person but the benefit I receive with inversion makes it worth the few minutes a day I take for myself and my back. The contraindications would be if you have blood pressure issues, or been diagnosed with glaucoma. Throughout my time with helping others and talking with clients about inversion I have heard so many people actually say that inversion saved their lives, keeping back pain out of their lives and got them moving again.

Not everyone can have a big inversion table or silks hanging from their ceiling but we have found an exciting product called The Yoga Trapeze that is available to the average person. It can be brought with you when you travel too! I am very excited about this product and what it can do for my health!

Check out the video below that shows the Yoga Trapeze in action.