How to Prepare Seedling Soil

Seedling Soil and Perlite

We are just getting our garden started and the seeds have become little plants. They are big enough now to separate them into individual containers. We are going to talk about how to prepare your soil.

You will need your soil amendment and and Perlite which is an organic rock that  is used as a component of growing mixes where it provides aeration and optimum moisture retention for superior plant growth.

– First you take the plain soil amendment that consists of fir bark, forest hummus, rice hulls, 15% chicken manure, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal, oyster shell lime and mycorrhizae. Then add the perlite and mix it together in the ratio 1/3 perlite to 2/3 soil.

– When this is nicely mixed you can take the mixture and put it in some cups and then add your individual baby plants.

– You can cut slits in the cups for water drainage so the roots of the plant don’t drown.

I hope this has been helpful to you gardeners out there. We are looking forward to having some happy healthy plants.