happy healthy new year

Happy Healthy New Year

New Year Restart

The first of each year is a good time to reset and restart the way I think. My goals are to follow the advice of this website happy healthy living with a new diet, attitude and workout routine.

New Year Diet

The first thing I’m working on is a new diet. I started the year off with a day of just fasting then switched to juices for seven days and transitioned to a vegan-based diet. This new approach to eating makes me feel lighter and I feel like I can move easier. It also helps my attitude and I’m more positive now.healthy-new-year-carrot

A vegan-based diet is challenging but it’s also fun. I’m learning new things like how to prepare meals that make me feel like I’m eating an entree and not just a salad for every meal. I discovered you can add rice to a salad and it feels like a meal and not just a side dish. We made raw tortillas from vegetables and flax seeds and crackers with sprouted grains and veggies.

New Year Workout

The next project is my workout. My typical workout routine has been to go to the gym whenever I think about it and do a few exercises and not really keep track of anything. Very random I know. This doesn’t work well.healthy-new-year-running

This year I am getting more structured with my workouts. I am starting with the standard three day a week workout with weights and some cardio. We got a dog and she needs to run a lot so that is motivating for me to move myself. There is a great dog park near my house that is in the foothills so it is a good hike for me.

New Year Attitude

The next thing is my attitude. I have been working on a positive attitude for a while and not doing too bad with it but in between the happy thoughts there is still a lot of worry. I am focusing on making a positive attitude be my default setting. This is not an easy thing to do for a lot of people.healthy-new-year-happy

One of the best things that I am doing for my attitude is to change my home page on my web browser. I used to open my browser to a news website, get distracted and be blasted with bad news. I now have a motivational website that I see first thing in the morning. This helps to set the tone for the day.

Another thing that helps my attitude is my workouts. The dog makes me move even when I don’t feel like it. I’m learning to take a break late morning and get some kind of workout in. Some people like to exercise first thing in the morning and some later in the day.

The goal here is to follow the mindset of Happy Healthy Living. Practice what I preach.

I would love to hear about what you are doing to create a happy and healthy life. Please add your comments below.