Manifesting Your Life

manifesting-1-2-3I recently had the opportunity to meet Ken Elliott who is the author of a little book called Manifesting 1-2-3. He talked about his book and offered his personal stories to the group. Manifesting my future is one of the things that I have been interested in for a long time and this book gave me some new insight about it.

I have read many books like Wayne Dyer’s book The Power of Intention, Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t by Michael J. Losier listened to the audio book Notes From the Universe: New Perspectives From an Old Friend, seen the movie The Secret many times and attempt to surround myself with good intention and positive thoughts.

The main technique that I learned from this book was to build what Ken describes as a movie in your mind. Make it your personal movie of the perfect future with scenes that relate to each part of your life that you want to improve. See that future in your mind, feel the emotions and fully engage your mind in your perfect life.

Another element of the book that I was struck by was the authors explanation through his personal experience of how the manifesting process works. He had the opportunity to develop a relationship with Judy Goodman, one of the foremost experts in the intuitive or psychic world and was able to learn from her what it looked like from her perspective to create something with your intention.

This insight is very intriguing and motivational to me as I am a person who likes to know how things work. He tells a story of how he would create objects that he would send her through his thoughts and she would give him feedback on what she would receive. Judy told him that the objects he was sending to her through his thoughts began to manifest as a smoke-like vision and then take its shape from that. The stories are entertaining and are quite enlightening to me and gives me motivation to do my own manifesting.

One part of the book tells the reader to be careful about worry and the negative thoughts that commonly accompanies worry and offers a easy solution to that kind of thinking. The solution is to write it down, make it a calendar item and take action on it. The example is worrying about not having enough money. Make a list of action items that you can do to change it, like calling someone who owes you money, selling something, taking a part time job or other ways to increase your income. Once you write it down you can mentally let go of it and focus on your movie. Surprising things will happen as you begin to take action, new opportunities show up and the universal energy starts building what you are manifesting.

Sometimes you have to be told things many times and in different ways to really get it. Manifesting 1-2-3 has helped me really understand the power of intention and given me some tools to help it work for me.

I would love to hear your stories and thoughts on manifesting. Please leave your comments below.