Improve Your Health With A Dry Body Brush Detox

Dry Skin Brushing

Have you heard about it? Well you should consider trying it, dry skin brushing has detoxing health benefits for your body and your largest organ the skin. It’s not new it has been around for a long time.

Centuries ago originating with the Russians and Scandinavians dry brushing was used to help detoxify, exfoliate and stimulate the skin and lymphatic system. Dry skin brushing was first prescribed by a Finnish doctor Paavo Airola to help his patients with their circulation. It was also sited to be used by the Greek Olympic athletes and also in Japan before their traditional hot baths. It’s stimulating and brings a fresh and alive feeling to you and the skin you’re wrapped in.

How To Do Dry Skin Brushing

What you need: a natural fiber bristle body brush, one with long handle so you can reach hard places like your middle back area.

When to do it: Mornings seem to be a great time to dry brush because it is stimulating, wakes the circulatory system and gets your lymph flowing. I don’t suggest doing this before bed because of the stimulation. Everyone is different and some may find it very a comforting routine before bed especially if you bathe before you sleep. Depending on your skin health and type, starting once a week is a good protocol to follow at first and you can increase frequency if you feel and want more. Be aware of how it makes you feel, both during and after. Thinner skin types may stick to once a week, thicker skin may benefit with more often skin brushing even up to once a day.

How to do it: Dry bushing is easy and takes very little time. Start with dry skin and begin from the left sole of your foot and brush upwards using long and short strokes toward the heart. Then brush your right leg. Avoid your lady or man parts but do get in around them where we have lots of lymph nodes .

Use circular counter clockwise bush strokes in the abdomen area. Then brush your arms, starting at your finger tips working towards your body. Taking extra care and time in your arm pit areas. We have sweat glands, lymph nodes and hair follicles that may need a lighter touch but a few extra brushes to get the lymph flowing. Your neck and chest area can be done by brushing downwards and when on your neck and shoulders brush toward the heart. Spend a little extra time on your back also to get some circulation going on around that back bone!

A few things to remember:

  • Clean your skin brush once every couple weeks with soap and water (I use castile soap).  After rinsing, place your skin brush in a sunny window to dry and prevent mildew.  The sun will naturally kill any bacteria.  Be sure that everyone in the family has their own personal dry brush, for sanitary reasons.
  • Do not dry brush over skin rashes, sensitive areas, open wounds or cuts.  Let your body be your guide.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t brush over that spot.
  • Apply as much pressure as you like while dry brushing.  Start out light as you get used to how the brush feels (it will be coarse and feel rough at first).  Condition your skin over time and increase the pressure you apply as you can stand it.

It will take about 30 days of routine dry brushing to begin noticing changes in your skin. For a full lymphatic cleanse and detox, it will take at least 3 months of daily dry brushing. Keep it up from there — the results are worth it!

We would love to know what you think about dry skin brushing in the comments below.

Happy Healthy Henna Hair

Henna Hair Color

Being the managing partner at Happy Healthy Living has been very rewarding  and looking happy and healthy is part of the adventure, that’s why I like henna hair color.

Before Henna

before henna

It all started last Hallowed Eve when I was throwing together some kind of costume for John & Cynthia’s bash. I was low on funds so I went and bought a very inexpensive long red hair wig. That evening at the party several of my good friends said that my hair should be that color.

I looked back at the posts of pictures and really liked seeing my hair red like that. I had been thinking seriously about going natural, I had been bleaching and putting chemicals in my hair for decades. Not the healthiest choice for sure, especially for a cancer survivor! There are chemicals in hair dyes that have proven to promote cancer. My hair before henna hair color was always up because it was unhealthy looking when I wore it down.

Then came the decision to stop using chemicals in my hair, it wasn’t overnight that is for sure. It’s funny how vanity plays a part in your decisions. I had never researched what hair dyes were doing to me as I happily plunked down into the salon chairs and spent a few hours looking and probably smelling like an alien! I didn’t really want to lose my young appearance (forever 49) by just letting the white hair show so I did research on Henna and made the jump to being a red head. It’s not just a stamped on color from a box either, the henna blends with my hair naturally giving me depth, highlights and my own personal hue of red and as my hair comes in more gray/white my hair takes on a beautiful highlighted look.

Henna Science

First I did some research and found out a lot about Henna and its benefits. Henna has been around thousands and thousands of years. It is a small flowering tree or bush and its Latin name is Lawsonia inermis. For over 6,000 years Henna has been used to dye hair.

This little bush or tree was used in ancient Egypt on the hair of mummies. The history of henna touched all humanities timeline going in and out of style. Famous painters in the 1800s painted their maidens with long flowing red hair. Closer to our times in the 50s the famous Lucille Ball was all a fire with her red locks. The 60s brought a interest in eastern culture and henna and Mehndi was popular with the young generation. Traditionally it has been used in ceremonies, healing arts and celebrations. Its health properties are not to be over looked either.

I found Henna Hair Color actually changes your hair when its applied. Unlike chemical dyes that can strip you hair like a bleach which makes it weaker, henna actually penetrates the hair and binds with the keratin (protein) gives it strength. I have also read other medical studies on the benefits of lawsonia inermis. I made a little drawing of how the henna works on a strand of hair, elementary for sure but it gives you an idea.

After Henna

Being red makes me extremely happy, it has changed my outlook most definitely. The joy I have from going red has made me very grateful. I am grateful for the lovely compliments I receive almost daily on the color of my hair. The health of my scalp and the strength of my hair is changing too and confidence seems to be rising in me as my hair is a shiny red now.

I feel more grounded and yes hippie comes to mind. My family and friends joke about my hippie ways but it resonates and reinstates me with me. I feel joy, happiness, beauty, love, abundance, grounded and healthy! I want to share what this has done for me and encourage you to make steps towards your  Happy Healthy Living too!

Here are the steps I took:

Gathered Ingredients

  • 2-100 ml boxes of Pure Henna (Depending on your hair length) Mine is a bit past my shoulders
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice (organic)
  • 1/2 fresh juiced pineapple (organic)
  • 4 bags of Orange Vanilla Cream Rooibos organic tea
  • Warm filtered water approximately 2 cups
  • gloves
  • plastic bag or cap
  • knit beanie hat
  • old towel
  • news paper for your floor
  • bottle of inexpensive conditioner


First I gathered my hair from a brush, a good size ball. I did a test batch and dyed that ball of hair to see what it would do. This part should not be skipped! You should always do this a week before and watch the ball of hair oxidize to see if the color is what you are wanting. There is no going back, henna is permanent as you see from the diagram above your hair protein actually changes.

Get Natural Henna Here!

Depending on the henna hair color you choose you don’t have to mix in all the extra ingredients. I had fun choosing mine and was very pleased with the result. I warmed the water and steeped the tea, mixed all the ingredients into a paste like consistency in a glass bowl and covered it. I found a warm place to set it over night to let the dye be released. The paste will be darker in color and you will see a red tint. You then give it a stir when you are ready to apply.henna paste

This will make a mess! For my first application I had my boyfriend apply it to my hair so there wouldn’t be any missed spots. We started from the bottom and worked to the ends of my hair covering each section with a heavy layer of paste and gently massaged it into each section. I piled it all on top of my head and put a plastic cap on then a trusty knit black hat. I went to bed and slept for a good 8 hours – by then the henna had been in my hair for about 10-11 hours.

I had read in other posts that a cheap bottle of conditioner really helps with washing out the henna. I found that to be true. That was definitely a helpful hint. I don’t need to use conditioner anymore unless I am putting henna throughout my whole head of hair, but when just doing the roots a nice long warm but tepid rinse works fine for my hair.

Long Term Henna Resultshenna red hair color

My hair is in much better condition now one year later. The color my hair has become is a lush deep red, with highlights of brighter reds probably from the gray and white hair. There really isn’t fading with henna, the sun will lighten the color though. l have seen faded red heads before from chemical hair dyes and it’s not attractive. Its been a year since my first application of henna and my hair has never faded or looked dull. I have happy, healthy and shiny henna hair now. Thank you for checking this out and I hope it was helpful.

I would love to hear what you think about henna hair color.