Failed Pumpkin Oat Spice Bread (Gluten Safe)

Failed Pumpkin Oat Spice Bread (Gluten Safe Recipe)

IMG_1482  Well it isn’t often you look up failed recipes but I am posting this because I would like others input! I made this yesterday and it seemed to be going well but it really didn’t come out like I thought it should. It was very heavy and dense. It was almost too moist. I did take pictures along the way but the end product was not pretty and I was let down thus no picture. So here it goes this is how I did it: Read more

Ginger’s Granola Base Mix

A Great Granola Mix From The Adirondacks

I always thought granola was fattening. I went through the era of all fat is bad for you and fat free is the way to be skinny, right?


Our bodies need fat, healthy fat. I started making granola just recently. I have found this base mix perfect to use as a launching pad to many mixes of enjoyable crunchy goodness. I will make up a batch of this basic mix and as the seasons pass find new things to mix in. We are in autumn as I am writing this so with my next batch I will find all the fall flavors that everyone loves to add to them.

Here is the recipe for the simple base mix. It can be great all by itself or you can shake it up with other ingredients added in. Read more

PMS Buster Smoothie Drink

The PMS Buster

I came up with this smoothie to help with my hormone surges and found it really helps with the cravings and low energy that comes along with those ups and downs of hormones.  It is a simple 5 ingredients plus water that is not complicated. Read more

Happy Barefoot Champagne Dinner

Champagne Dinner

Uncork a bottle of champagne to cook this light yet rich and romantic dinner. Oh and did I mention slip off those shoes, put your feet up and enjoy. I know very little about champagne other than most times if I partake of it I am guaranteed a quick buzz and a blast to the head in the morning. I found a little guide that gave me an idea of what I may like to use in these following recipes. Read more

Great Grilled Cabbage

Great Grilled Cabbage

We have this beautiful cabbage that came from Moonlight Farms here in Salt Lake City. This beauty needed a special touch to make our dinner. I called my brilliant chef friend Dawn in Boise and she gave me some tips on how to make it exceptional. Cabbage gets a stick-up-your-nose-to reaction by a lot of people. Its used as a side or a filler to a meal. I wanted to make it the main course. Read more

Happy Infused Spirits Recipes

Infused Spirits

These days when you go into a liquor store you will find all these flavored liquors. I look at these and wonder what they use to flavor the liquors and I do realize that if you are choosing healthy choices for a diet you won’t choose to add liquors in.

For those of us that do choose a little beverage that has a special something in it I recommend a little do-it-yourself instead of instant gratification from the store. It adds the little touches to gatherings and your own little splurges that really make it pop. Read more