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Our Happy Healthy Living blog has a lot of great information about creating and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We have articles on healthy eating with some great recipes, informative articles on nutrition, some great informational videos, how to choose the right diet, body cleansing and more.

natural health supplements for depression
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6 Natural Health Supplements For Depression

Natural Health Supplements for Depression Depression is more…

How To Quit Sugar For Life

Sugar is the modern drug of our generation! It has a bad influence…
paleo diet foods
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What is the Paleo Diet all About?

The Paleo Diet History There are so many healthy lifestyle diet…
bulletproof coffee
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Bulletproof Coffee Experiment

New Experiment With Bulletproof Coffee I just read the Bulletproof…
earth day 2015
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Happy Earth Day!

I thought I was environmentally friendly but apparently not. I drive a hyrbid car, I recycle (mostly), I buy local when I can, I eat little meat and live in a small home but that is still not enough.
gluten free oatmeal coconut pancakes
Side Effects of Body Cleansing
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Side Effects of Body Cleansing

Side Effects of Body Cleansing Cleansing is generally agreed…
creamy vegan carrot soup
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Rich Creamy Carrot Soup

This Vegan soup is so creamy you won't believe not one drop of cream is used making this! Choosing more vegan recipes in 2015 has kept me out of dairy land and this one makes me feel like I'm not missing a thing!
Red Wine Health Benefits
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Red Wine Health Benefits

We like wine. Our favorite is dry red wine and there are so many to choose from. Lately we have been enjoying the Shiraz (rhymes with pizazz) which is made from the same grape variety as Syrah. (Syrah is the European version) The Shiraz that we are enjoying has some black currant and spicy flavors.
Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

When you look at those wonderful soft serve ice cream machines that are at McDonald’s and other places, you might wonder about how you can get those divine flavors at home. You can, actually. There are home soft serve machines. However, is it worth it to get a home machine? It’s not as simple as it first appears.
Tongue And Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health
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What The Tongue And Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health

Many people today suffer from unusual health conditions that don't seem to have an obvious cause, and that doctors often dismiss as overblown, or worse, nonexistent. Finding answers isn't always easy, but health practitioner Tina Taekema has put together a course known as "Mirror of the Body" that might be able to help.
meditation benefits
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Meditation Benefits

We have recently started a morning meditation practice. One of the most effective things for us to do to maintain our happy healthy lifestyle is to meditate. I have noticed that one of the biggest results for me is that when I meditate it is like a reset for my mind. I get to put everything on hold for a few minutes and be calm.
healthy high-fat foods
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10 High-Fat Foods That Are Actually Super Healthy

High-fat foods have been given a bad name but not all foods with a high fat content are bad for you. As I'm sure you know there are good fats and bad fats. Kris Gunners wrote a great article on this topic. Kris lists 10 high-fat foods that are super healthy and explains why.
healthy smoothie recipe

Groundhog Day Sunshine Smoothie

I am started February with a 10 day juice & smoothie detox. Today is my second day and its Groundhog day too, but I woke with a lack of caffeine headache and perhaps the winter weather is partly to blame. I decided to make a smoothie this morning with the idea of warmer sunnier times in mind and this is what I came up with!
thomas levy vitamin c
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The Power of Vitamin C

The Benefits of Vitamin C This is a good video from Dr. Thomas…
gmo explained

GMO Explained

What is GMO? GMO explained. There is a lot of talk about how…
healthy super bowl snacks

Mini Strawberry Basil Yogurt Bowls

Delicious Healthy Super Bowl Snacks Are you looking for some…
natural healthy sugar substitutes
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Healthy Natural Sugar Substitutes

Sugar that is added to your #diet has the potential to cause some pretty bad health problems. According to authoritynutrition.com some of these problems include: Tooth decay, liver problems, fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, cancer, weight gain and heart disease.
granola with chia seeds
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The Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Recently I have been learning more about Chia seeds and what great health benefits that they offer. The Chia seeds come from a plant called Salvia Hispanica and is originally found in South America. The Chia Pet was made with the chia seeds because the seeds sprout so quickly and look great!
sauerkraut salad recipe

Surprising Sauerkraut Salad

This is a surprising salad! Very easy to make and can be hanging out in your fridge for a week to indulge in throughout the week.
gall bladder cleanse

Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse

This is one way to do a liver and gall bladder cleanse.
ice cream maker review

VonShef Ice Cream Maker Review

We recently purchased a VonShef ice cream maker model #13/049. I have wanted an ice cream maker for quite a while and had been doing research on them.
snow pea salad

Snow Pea Salad

This is a very easy healthy recipe that combines well with many different main dishes. This Salad is especially good with grilled chicken or fish. It is a combination of a few salads that I liked and has a bit of an Asian influence.

Thai Eggplant Salad

Thai food has exciting flavors, is easy to prepare and is almost always low in calories. This dish for example has only 33 calories per serving, it's low in fat and it encourages you and your family and friends to enjoy good health!
inner peace

5 Fabulous Ways To Find Inner Peace

As we go through our busy days, handling projects, dealing with…
couscous salad recipe
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Couscous Salad with Radishes and Pine Nuts

Happy Healthy Living couscous salad is a very refreshing salad, the combination of couscous, radishes and pine nuts, seasoned with orange juice and cilantro make this a very distinctive side dish that complements roasted or grilled meats poultry or fish.
the yoga trapeze

Inversion Yoga Therapy

What is Inversion Yoga Therapy Over the last few years I have…
coconut oil benefits

Coconut Oil For Your Life

So the news going around lately is coconut oil and how great it is. I’m sure you have seen it. You see posts about coconut oil and oil pulling and how wonderful it is for your body. Well I jumped on the band wagon with the oil pulling and got results right away with a much healthier mouth.
red potato cabbage recipe

Red Potatoe Cabbage Casserole

Red Potato Cabbage Recipe This red potato cabbage recipe is…
flexitarian diet explained

The Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarianism We have been learning about and trying different…
creamy vegetable soup recipe

Spiced up Cream of Vegetable Soup

Cream of Vegetable Soup With a Little Spice This comfort vegetable…

7 Mood Tools for the Winter Blues

7 Winter Blues Mood Tools When the winter blues hits having a…
easy chili recipe
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3 Step Log Cabin Chili

Easy Chili Recipe Today I am making a simple but hardy log cabin…
henna hair color
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Happy Healthy Henna Hair

Henna Hair Color Being the managing partner at Happy Healthy…
lentil salad recipe

Great Lentil Salad Recipe

A Tasty Lentil Salad I am very excited to share this lentil…

Failed Pumpkin Oat Spice Bread (Gluten Safe)

Failed Pumpkin Oat Spice Bread (Gluten Safe Recipe)   Well it…
granola recipe

Ginger’s Granola Base Mix

A Great Granola Mix From The Adirondacks I always thought granola…

PMS Buster Smoothie Drink

The PMS Buster I came up with this smoothie to help with my…

Happy Barefoot Champagne Dinner

Champagne Dinner Uncork a bottle of champagne to cook this light…

Great Grilled Cabbage

Great Grilled Cabbage We have this beautiful cabbage that came…
Infused Spirits Recipes

Happy Infused Spirits Recipes

Infused Spirits Recipes Check out these Infused Spirits Recipes.…

Our Local Happy Healthy Urban Farmer

We had the opportunity today to talk to one of our local farmers.…
cucumber salad

Quick Spiral Cucumber Salad

Great Cucumber Salad I love a nice cucumber salad it is very…

Homemade Bistro Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burgers I have been on the search for a great homemade…

Happy Easy Brown Rice

Brown Rice Is Healthy Brown rice is a great addition to a happy…

Simple 1 Day Energy Building Diet

We just got back from an amazing adventure! We went on a four…
vegan vegetarian and raw foods

How To Get Started With A Raw Food Diet

Starting a Raw Food Diet Getting started with a raw food diet…

Chipotle Vegetable Soup

I made vegetable stock yesterday and started looking for some…
marinated mushroom recipe

Happy Raw Marinated Mushrooms

Marinated Mushroom Recipe I love mushrooms... But I thought…
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The Amazing Avocado a Healthy Choice

Learn How To Prepare an Avocado Here! Avocado Facts: The avocado…
beet salad

Raw Golden Beet Salad

Raw Beets When people think of beets, they think pickled or…

How to Prepare Seedling Soil

Seedling Soil and Perlite We are just getting our garden started…
Healthy dessert

Tofu Chocolate Mousse

A Healthy Dessert - Tofu Chocolate Mousse I love my desserts…
5 home grown medicinal plants

5 Home Grown Medicinal Plants

There are many medicinal plant that you can grow at home. We…
potato salad recipe

Pleasing Potato Salad Recipe

Happy Healthy Potato Salad This is a light version of normal…
healthy smoothie recipe

Coconut, Lime and Raspberry Smoothie

Happy Healthy Smoothie Recipe The healthy smoothie recipe below…
chronic fatigue

7 Lifestyle Recommendations to Combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic-fatigue has become part of America's…
thera cane review

Happy Healthy Living Thera Cane Review

What is a Thera Cane? The Thera Cane is a self-massaging tool…
Healthy Grapefruit Snack

Super Hero Power Snack

Happy Healthy Living Power Snack This is a great snack with some…
natural home remedies

3 Springtime Home Remedies

Natural Home Remedies Spring is in the air and after a long…
vegan vegetarian and raw foods

Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Foods Explained

What to eat... vegan vegetarian and raw foods explained So much…
healthy asparagus soup recipe

Simple Asparagus Soup

Simple and Easy Vegan The best vegan diets are simple and easy. …
Spiral Slicer Review

Spiral Slicer Review

Our Spiral Slicer Review I have been getting more and more into…
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Natural Cleaning Products

Everyone Must Clean We clean and very soon we clean again. There…
almond milk recipe
raw foods pasta
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Raw Fettuccine Recipe

I recently prepared a raw fettuccine pasta dish. I know, pasta must be cooked you say, well this isn't traditional pasta. This is zucchini squash sliced into ribbons that we are calling raw pasta.
healthy water

Alkaline Water For Health

The human body is made up of 57% to 60% water so it makes sense that we need to drink a lot of it to stay healthy, but is all water the same?
happy living teenager

Hackschooling Presentation Video TED

This is a great TED talk about how to live a happy healthy life…

Peppermint Essential Oil Applications

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most highly regarded oils for supporting digestion, fever relief, pain from injuries and headaches.
how to make raw tortillas

How To Make Raw Tortillas

We are just beginning our education about a raw foods diet. The dehydrator that we got for the holidays is going to come in handy for this new exploration of ours. We are excited about sharing our new discoveries and love to hear about yours.
contaminated vaccines

Some Vaccines Are Contaminated

Professor Garth Nicolson discusses recent studies that show some forms of contamination in vaccines scheduled for children.
reduce inflammation naturally

How To Reduce Inflammation Naturally

There are many anti-inflammatory medications on the market today. Several of them have side effects that you don’t really want but can’t do anything about.
happy healthy new year

Happy Healthy New Year

The first of each year is a good time to reset and restart the way I think. My goals are to follow the advice of this website happy healthy living with a new diet, attitude and workout routine.
lavender essential oil benefits

Lavender - The Natural Sleep Aid

Lavender is considered the most universal of all essential oils. With its fresh, floral scent, therapeutic-grade lavender oil is highly regarded as a skin and beauty tonic.
natural stress relief

How To Reduce Stress Naturally

Generally we are a highly stressed society. According to the American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress, NY, the following statistics are common in the United States.
healthy pesto recipe

Ginger’s Raw & Almost Raw Pesto

Pesto is an Italian sauce traditionally made with crushed garlic, basil, pine nuts, olive oil and Parmesan cheese.
happy healthy living

Raw Foods Diet - Your Personal Raw Law

Eating fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and greens raw insures that the all the enzymes are intact. Heating these plant based foods above 118 degrees Fahrenheit or 48 degrees Celsius destroys all the enzymes

Happy Music!

This video made me happy!
what is hyaluronic acid

Fairness Experiment

This is an interesting video about fairness. From a TED talk…
what is hyaluronic acid

What You Get With Your Flu Shot

This is a great video that tells you what you are getting along…
healthy curry recipe

A Good Curry Recipe

Curry Recipe I love curry and found this great curry recipe…
what is hyaluronic acid

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid We all have hyaluronic acid in our bodies. It…