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Raw Golden Beet Salad

Raw Beets When people think of beets, they think pickled or cooked beets at least that is what comes to my mind, but like carrots, beets can be eaten raw! Not only are raw beets packed with nutrition, they are crunchy and sweet too! So sweet, in fact, that they will need a strongly acidic […]

Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Healthy Chocolate Mousse I had never thought of using tofu in a healthy dessert recipe until we tried this little dish. This chocolate mousse is amazing! We got this recipe from our friend and amazing chef Dawn who in turn took this from the “Zen Monastery Cookbook“. A superior addition to anyone’s cookbook collection. It […]

Pleasing Potato Salad Recipe

Happy Healthy Potato Salad This is a light version of normal potato salad. Summer is on its way and lighter foods are more appealing so you can get into that pair of shorts you wore last year. Cutting back doesn’t have to taste bad. Most of your diet can still stay vegan and raw and […]

Coconut, Lime and Raspberry Smoothie

Happy Healthy Smoothie The recipe below combines all the healing benefits of coconut by using all forms of coconut! Avocado adds those good for you fats and makes it all creamy and thick. Raspberries have the antioxidants, scientific studies show that these compounds in the berries have health benefits against aging, cancer inflammation and neuro-degenerative […]

7 Lifestyle Recommendations to Combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic-fatigue has become part of America’s way of life for a big part of the population. We sit too long, we stress about the small stuff in life. Deadlines and commitments ravage our lives especially if they are not self applied. Applying  these 7 lifestyle recommendations can squash that fatigue and invigorate […]

Super Hero Power Snack

Happy Healthy Living Power Snack This is a great snack with some wonderfully healthy benefits. Ingredients: 1 large grapefruit 2 tablespoons chia seeds 1 tablespoon coconut sugar (you can use other sweeteners, this just resonates with me) 1 pinch of sea salt

3 Springtime Home Remedies

Happy Healthy Spring Spring is in the air and after a long winter most of us need a little sprucing up. Here are three home remedies that can help get winters grip off of us and brighten us up like a spring flower! Razor Burn Olive oil,bees-wax and herbs: You can make a mixture of […]

Simple Asparagus Soup

Simple and Easy Vegan The best vegan diets are simple and easy.  Taking animal product out of your diet reduces your choices but it makes it more simple.  What it doesn’t do is reduce is taste and satisfaction.  Menu planning is crucial for any diet to remain intact.  One of the best things to do […]

Delish Vegan Brownies

Happy Healthy Living Vegan Brownies We discovered these brownies at our local tea shop and found that they were amazing! We decided that we needed to learn how to make them and share them with you. These little vegan brownie delights will bring much happiness to your taste buds! I know you’re suppose to wait […]