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GMO Explained

What is GMO? GMO explained. There is a lot of talk about how GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods may effect your health but what are GMO or foods and why are they a significant part of our food supply? A Bit of GMO History The first marketable GMO appeared in 1982 with the production of […]

5 Fabulous Ways To Find Inner Peace

As we go through our busy days, handling projects, dealing with challenges, and doing our best to keep up with our schedules, we often find that we’re stressed out, frantic, and filled with anxiety. But that’s not a healthy or happy way to live. In addition,…

The Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarianism We have been learning about and trying different diets. We have tried vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets and are finding that the best diet for us so far is the flexitarian diet. I believe that the healthiest diet is 80% raw vegan diet if it is done right. That is also the most […]

Our Local Happy Healthy Urban Farmer

We had the opportunity today to talk to one of our local farmers. We got some eggs, chard, cabbage and herbs from her and learned a little more about her farm. Roni Wilcox is the owner of Moonlight Farms in Salt Lake City, Utah and is providing some wonderful and healthy food for the community. […]

How To Get Started With A Raw Food Diet

Starting a Raw Food Diet Getting started with a raw food diet isn’t really too difficult but it does take some planning to be effective. For some people who like simple meal choices there really isn’t a lot of preparation involved, while for others who may like to prepare meals there is more. Preparation method […]