7 Mood Tools for the Winter Blues

7 Winter Blues Mood Tools

When the winter blues hits having a few tools to adjust your mood can really help. Having a way to sit on a tropical island for a few weeks eating fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal but for most we will have to be cooped up for the next few months with less sun and fresh air and associating with others that perhaps are down in the dumps too. When you start feeling the blues hit here are a few tools to try. Some you may have in your tool bag already but putting intention to these actions can help you through those blues.

  1. Gently wash your face with exfoliation salt scrub and warm water, add an essential oil that uplifts you like peppermint or perhaps a grounding spruce. Brush your teeth and wash your hands. Do these actions with intention and it can give you a refreshed feeling that uplifts.
  2. Do little things to maintain your self esteem, look at your trophies, diplomas, certificates, achievement awards and organize them on a shelf or dust them off if they are framed. If they aren’t framed consider framing them or putting them in a scrap book.
  3. Tell yourself you are the person that the loved ones in your life think you are. Yes you deserve their love too. Tell yourself you deserve love, you are loved. Lift yourself up, putting yourself down is too easy. Know that even your dog or cat knows you are that person they love.
  4. Clean your closet, organize it for the season you are in. Winter months in most places need a different set of clothes. Take the time to rotate your closet and donate poor fitting clothes or ones you have not worn. You will be more likely to take a walk in the rain or snow if you can find your boots easily or any accessory fitted for the weather.
  5. Go for a walk. Just a 10 minute change of scenery, around the block, up one flight of stairs at work, around your building or house. While walking, intentionally think of a past success and the emotion it gave you.
  6. Give yourself a good shave. Being clean shaven also gives you that fresh start feeling. Knowing you are looking your best gives your spirit a lift and a ready to go feeling.
  7. Stand up straight and sit tall. Good posture not only shows others confidence and sense of well being it is the backbone to good thoughts. Chin up people say when your faced with sorrow. Good posture can help you breath easier and will get more oxygen to your brain offering a new view also. So when you feel that rock kicking position taking over that will only bring you sore toes, chin up. Breath in deeply with your good posture and feel the strength it gives you.

Everyone that has happiness in their life actually created it for themselves. If you are feeling dumpy and blue try a few of these little tools of the trade of happiness. You will find with awareness you probably have a few more to add to your personal tool belt. Just like you need certain tools to get a job done, say like building a bookshelf you also need a set of tools for your mood building or adjustments.

I hope you find these helpful and I would love to hear any tools that help you! Anyone have something to share that helps them with the blues?