chronic fatigue

7 Lifestyle Recommendations to Combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic-fatigue has become part of America’s way of life for a big part of the population. We sit too long, we stress about the small stuff in life. Deadlines and commitments ravage our lives especially if they are not self applied. Applying  these 7 lifestyle recommendations can squash that fatigue and invigorate our bodies and minds.

Avoid a quick fix from sweets

When you are tired, don’t try to boost your energy with a sugary treat like candy and other sweets. Reach for complex carbohydrates instead like nuts and fruits. Try a almond strawberry milk without sweetener.

Spend some time in the sun

We have heard it a million times just 15 minutes in the sun. Get your vitamin D on! If it’s cold out bundle up and breath in the fresh crisp air.  Even in cloudy conditions being outside for a bit can lift your spirits and give you an energy boost.

Make time for you

Set aside and don’t compromise that precious time. Start with 20 minutes each day, make it something real and meaningful to you. If it’s that warm bath or playing a game make it happen and be in the moment. It should only be just for you, whatever it is. Say “this is for me I deserve it” and when your time is up say again to yourself “that was for me I deserved it”

Get adequate sleep

Huge on your list this should be, if the force is to be with you. There are so many sleep studies and a couple thousands tips and remedies, down to hard core medications to getting that perfect night of sleep. Start with breathing and meditation techniques first, and adding a simple, cool, dark, quiet atmosphere as part of your routine can nip fatigue at the bud.

Simplify your life

Too little sleep and too much stress can and will exasperate fatigue. Cut back on your personal responsibilities. Delegate and prioritize the rest. Make lists and keep things off your mind, let the list do the work of worry. When you do complete a task, take that satisfaction and let it roll onto the next item. This will keep you from having to rebuild the energy to move on to the next item. Use momentum in your favor.

Pace yourself

Once you start climbing out of the fatigue cycle the temptation to take on more is inevitable. Listen to your body and take some of the actions above. If you know the last time you over did it at the gym or the dinner table you paid the price with 3 days in bed and not returning calls take those lessons and take baby steps instead.  Try a walk around the block and put down your utensils several times during a meal.

Drink plenty of water

Proper hydration helps prevent constipation. Constipation can cause fatigue. Flushing your system with water removes toxins that build up. This build up can cause muscular pain and back pain which is a trigger for fatigue.